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Intermediate Fulmar
Intermediate phase Fulmar

Southern Norwegian Sector Medley.
Late April to early May 2014

Bang in the middle of the spring migration we had a whistle-stop tour of the southern Norwegian sector and paid a visit to what felt like most of the platforms and fields in this part of the North Sea. Quite a bit of the time was spent at Gullfaks A but we were also at Snorre, Jotun and Troll A to name but a few.

This time out the occurrences onboard mirrored what was happening either side of the North Sea - both in the Shetlands and mainland Norway.

Gannet with fishing line
Gannet trailing fishing line - an all too common sight in the North Sea

Seabirds also featured quite a bit this trip with a couple of sightings of Blue Fulmar and several intermediate birds. Gannets and Great Skua were also regular.

Blue Fulmar
Blue Fulmar, Norwegian Sector, May 2014
Blue Fulmars are a regular occurrence even in the southern parts of the Norwegian Sector
Click on the image above for a Blue Fulmar gallery.

Male Common Redstart, Norwegian Sector, April 2014
Male Common Redstart, near Gullfaks A, April 2014

White Wagtail foraging on the deck of an offshore vessel
This White Wagtail managed to find a few things that looked liked grubs in the wooden deck
Norwegian Sector, April 2014

A Swallow takes a break from its migration, near Gullfaks A, April 2014

MiKeKestrels featured quite a bit this trip. As "usual" they were often associated with platforms where they hung around for a few days picking off migrant passerines, Gullfaks A, April 2014


Male Wheatear rests on offshore vessel, April 2014 Not all the wheatears made it
Male Northern Wheatear, April 2014 Not all the Wheatears made it.....
Tree Pipit resting offshore Male Pied Flycatcher, Gullfaks A, April 2014
Tree Pipit on the back deck, Snorre C, April 2014
This bird looked rather the worse for ware and may not have made back to Norway
Male Pied Flycatcher, near Gullfaks A, April 2014

 Common Redstart, near Gullfaks A, April 2014
Common Redstart, Norwegian Sector, April 2014

Chiff-chaff Black Redstart
Chiff-chaff takes a break onboard on the Troll field,
April 2014
Willow Warbler - this bird fed right beside the Chiff-chaff to the left allowing for better comparison than is often the case ashore,  April 2014


Song Thrush offshore, April 2015
This Song Thrush hid under a winch much of the time in order to avoid being taken by Kestrels

Common Redshank Common Redshank on the back deck of a survey vessel
Common Redshank resting on the back deck of a survey vessel, May 2014 Close up of the bird in the picture to the left. Both pictures taken with a DSLR and a 400mm telephoto lens

Troll A
Troll A platform, April 2014

Jotun A
Jotun A, May 2014

Gullfaks SPM
Gullfaks SPM, April 2014

Jotun B, Norwegian Sector
Jotun B, Norwegian Sector, May 2014

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