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Guided birding trips and more...
A list of services I can supply is given below. Further details available on request.

Although I don't yet guide full time I do so whenever I have the chance, I have been guiding birders since I was a teenager and have a long list of satisfied customers. I usually cover localities within day trip range of Bergen, from the Hardangervidda to the east, Gullfjell (Bergen), Herdla (Askøy) and, of course, Øygarden
. I can also guide elsewhere in Norway as required - see this page for some ideas. For the time being it is best to book as far in advance as possible but trips can also be arranged at very short notice - please do not hestitate to contact me.

Often customers come to me in conjunction with cruises they take in the Norwegian fjords and choose to stay in Bergen for a day or two at the start or end of their cruise.

There is good birding (and other wildlife!) all year round in the Bergen area and trips are tailor made to requirements whether it be to target certain species, have a good day out or spend time on photography.

I have started to guide nature photographers too. Again, this is a year round activity and often good in the winter too with Otter a very strong possibility in addition to the birds.

Dinner, bed and breakfast is now also possible in addition to the guiding, this saves quite a bit of driving and puts you on the spot as soon as you open your eyes - the sea is at the bottom of my very small garden.....

Nautnes, May 2018
Part of the view from my terrace at Nautnes, May 2018

Otter in my garden, November 2019
Otter in my garden, November 2019

White-tailed Eagle over my terrace at Nautnes, December 2014
White-tailed Eagle over my terrace at Nautnes, December 2014

Pictures / Photography
See the gallery links for a selection of available bird pictures. My pictures have been used in Dagbladet (one of the main Norwegian newspapers), other Norwegian newspapers and in books.

Customised animated GIF pictures suitable for websites are also available. Examples are given below:

Some common Øygarden birds

Another example of animated pictures for use on websites

A variety of other pictures are also available from my archives, including landscapes, fish and from the offshore industry.

I have written articles on birding for a number of publications including:
Birding World, BirdWatch Magazine, Bird Watching, Country-Side, British Birds and a number of other periodicals.

Data Services
User friendly custom made macros for use in Microsoft Excel are my speciality. If you have records you want to present in a certain way then I will be able to assist. Download some of the excel spreadsheets from the Skogsøy, Tjeldstø or Gullfjell sides to see examples of outputs from my software. These are generated automatically using macros from an Excel database.