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Birding Books
Below is a collection of some of my favourite books; some are listed for genuine reading value, some for reference and some for both.

The following two books are the ones I use most for ID. The Collins guide will be well known to most European birders. The Flight identification of European Seabirds cannot be recommended highly enough - the authors really know their stuff.

The Sibley book needs no introduction for American birders - it is this book I have taken with me on my trips to the USA.

Lars Svensson's Identification Guide to European passerines is primarily aimed at ringers but I have found it useful for ID purposes without being a ringer myself.

Identification Guide to European Passerines

The Ringing atlas and "Bird Migration" must be my two favourite bird books. 

Good Reading
For anyone interested in migration, rarities or for comparing a local patch with the better known site then "The Birds of Shetland" is an brilliant book, it makes one want to book a holiday and visit immediately...

For entertaining reads "Birds Brittanica" is an excellent book as is "Birders"

Bill Oddie's hilarious Little Black Bird Book has to be regarded as essential reading for any birder along with any remaining friends or family members. Highly recommended!

These are all books I use each time I visit these popular holiday locations.

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Other recommended natural history

Alternatively you can search directly for books below

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