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Oil Rigs, Production platforms and other offshore installations

Platforms and other offshore structures

Pictures of various platforms and structures  referred to on the bird pages can be found on this page. No pictures are to be used without permission.

For more about hydrographic survey and ROV support vessels click here, for more about diverse engineering tasks and other offshore vessels click here.

Northern Norwegian Sector Southern Norwegian Sector British Sector Drill Rigs

Northern Norwegian sector


Draugen Platform
Draugen platform, January 2007

Draugen Loading buoy
Draugen Loading buoy

Kristin Platform

Heidrun platform, July 2017
Heidrun platform - Kittiwakes nest on this structure

Åsgard A, March 2020
Åsgard A, March 2020

Aasta Hansteen platform, April 2020
Aasta Hansteen, April 2020

Southern Norwegian Sector

Brage, August 2021

Brage, August 2021

Brage, August 2021
Brage platform, August 2021
Pictures taken with a mobile phone

Statfjord B with gaurd vessel "Victoria May"
Statfjord C with gaurd vessel "Victoria May"


Huldra, January 2007

Huldra through the cabin window

Troll A platform
Troll A, March 2009

Sleipner platform
Sleipner A, February 2007

Sleipner B
Sleipner B, March 2009

Gjøa platform
Gjøa platform, December 2010

Eldfisk B
Eldfisk B, June 2011

Ekofisk 2/4 A
Ekofisk 2/4 A, June 2011

Gullfaks SPM
Gullfaks SPM, April 2014

Oseberg Field Centre
Oseberg Field Centre by night, January 2015
Picture was taken at some distance away with a compact superzoom camera

Dawn over Oseberg Field Centre
Dawn over Oseberg Field Centre, January 2015

Veslefrikk platform, July 2017
Veslefrikk platform, July 2017

Grane platform, July 2017
Grane Platform, July 2017

Valemon platform, July 2017
Valemon platform with jack-up rig West Elara, July 2017

Kvitebjørn platform, July 2017
Kvitebjørn platform, July 2017

British Sector

Brent A platform
Brent A platform, April 2007

Brent B platform
Brent B plaftorm, April 2007

Brent C and Seisranger
Brent C platform with Seisranger

The Brent Field
The Brent Field, from left to right Brent C, Brent D, Brent B and Brent A

Leman in the fog, August 2021
Leman in the fog, August 2021

Drill rigs

Songa Trym
Songa Trym being towed towards Askøy outside Bergen

Transocean Arctic
Transocean Arctic

Transocean Winner
Transocean Winner

West Navigator
Drilling vessel West Navigator at Ormen Lange on a VERY calm day

Drill rig Rowan Viking over Edvard Greig jacket
Drill rig Rowan Viking over Edvard Greig jacket, April 2015

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