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Here are some other items of interest which don't fit in under the other sections of this website. Many of these artciles are about bird photography, the pros and cons of digiscoping, tests of Superzoom cameras and the like. Click on the pictures to go the articles.

Spotted Flycatcher taken with Canon PowerShot
Trial of Canon Powershot superzoom camera, Danish Sector, May 2016

Whooper Swan on the ice a long way away....
Above: Nikon Coolpix P600 for Bird Photography

Below: Nocturnal Bird Photography
(Click on image to go to article)

Short-eared Owl eating a Brambling at night on an Offshore survey vessel

Lapland Longspur
Superzoom compact cameras for bird photography
(Click on image to got article)

Bird Photography - why bother?
Bird Photography - why bother?
(Click on image)

Desparate Crossbills
Desparately hungry Common Crossbills try to eat all sorts in an attempt to find something edible
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Digiscoping or DSLR?
Digiscoping, digibinning or DSLR photography here

Pipefish explosion
(Click on image)

Great Black-backed Gull stealing herring
Herring in Øygarden
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