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Chiff-chaff - Gransanger - Phylloscopus collybita
Gransångare - Tiltaallti - Tjiftjaf - Zilpzalp - Mosquitero Común - Pouillot véloce

Chiff-chaffs of the "tristis" type are regular late autumn visitors to Øygarden in SW Norway. They are notoriously difficult to "claim" properly.
For pictures of undispute tristis see the Siberian Chiff-chaff page.

Chiff-chaff - gransanger
"tristis/abietinus" type Chiff-chaff
Tjeldstø, Øygarden, 30 October 2008

Spring Chiff-chaff resting on a survey vessel in the Norwegian Sector
Chiff-chaff on the Troll field, Norwegian Sector, April 2014
DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens

Chiff-chaff, Hernar, October 2018
Chiff-chaff, Hernar, October 2018

Chiff-chaff on a jack-up rig at Brynhild in the Norwegian Sector, May 2020
This bird even sang as it fed on insects onboard. Brynhild, Norwegian Sector, May 2020
Picture taken with a superzoom camera

Chiff-chaff, Tjeldstø, April 2018
Chiff-chaff, Tjeldstø, April 2018

Chiff-chaff- albientinus?
Chiff-chaff, probably albietinus and certainly not tristis, Sæle, Øygarden, November 2014
This bird, and others with it, gave typical Chiff-chaff calls - and not the piping call of tristis.

The three shots below were all taken at Sæle, Øygarden, November 2014
albientinus Chiff-chaff

albientinus Chiff-chaff
The above shot could easily go for Siberian Chiff-chaff (tristis) had it not been for the call

albientinus Chiff-chaff

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