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Øygarden is not just a great place to go birding or fishing but it looks pretty good too. I almost never have a landscape lens with me so many, if not most, of my landscapes are taken with a hand held 400mm telephoto lens. More pictures can be seen on the Øygarden birds and Øygarden Ships pages.

Spectacular wave
Spectacular waves like this are a common sight during and after heavy weather - just the kind of thing a telephoto lens is useful for.

Spectacular dawns and sunsets are common all year round and especially obvious during the winter. During the summer months the sun seems to barely set, just dipping below the horizon for a few hours.

Hjelme West, February
View from "Hjelme Vest", February 2010

With big skies, plenty of water, islands and bridges the landscape motives are endless in Øygarden. I tend to take pictures whilst waiting for it to be light enough to bird but sometimes I just have to stop and take a picture. One could surely do better with more targetted effort....and with a landscape lens!

Dawn over n. straumesundet
Summer dawn over Nord Straumsundet bridge

Northern Lights over Nautnes, near Bergen, Norway
The Northern Lights are a regular feature during the winter - periods of cold, clear weather are best for this.
These two photographs were taken using a compact superzoom on the longest possible manual exposure.

Northern Lights over Nautnes, near Bergen, Norway

Nautnes, May 2018
Part of the view from my terrace at Nautnes, May 2018

Hjelme West, February Nord Straumsundet from Herdlevær
Hjelme West, Øygarden, February 2010 Nord Straumsundet from Herdlevær, Øygarden

Common Eider / Ærfugl Purple Sandpiper flock
Dawn from Herdlevær Nord Straumsundet from Herdlevær

Dawn over Hjeltefjord
Summer dawn over Hjeltfjord

Dåvøy and Solberg

Sunset at Solberg
Looking back towards the sea on our way home after watching waders on the skerries, Solberg, August 2010

Solberg, Øygarden
Panorama view of Solberg

Dåvøy Solberg
Roadside view at Dåvøy Solberg on a calm day



Skogsøy - for more about Skogsøy click here



Even the gas processing plant at Kollsnes can look good....

Skogsøy dawn, December 2011
Dawn at Skogsøy, December 2011
As with many of these pictures I have used a 400mm telephoto lens to take this landscape picture

Autumn storm, Skogsøy
Autumn storm, Skogsøy

Skogsøy on a calm day

View from Svellingen
View from Svellingen

Hernar - for more about Hernar see this link

Autumn on Hernar
View of the settlement on Hernar

Dawn view from Hernar Hernar
Dawn view from Hernar Dawn view from Hernar

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