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Cruise ships, offshore and seismic vessels Øygarden

Hjeltefjord, which is on the east side of Øygarden, is one of the main shipping routes into Bergen and of course the offshore CCB base at Ågotnes. Spectacular cruise ships sail past regularly on their way in and out of Bergen and all manner of offshore vessels head past on their way to and from work sites in the North Sea.

All these pictures were taken from my garden which overlooks Hjeltefjord. The pictures are reduced resolution images; anyone interested in using them may contact me for high resolution versions.

For views and landscapes around Øygarden click here

Cruise Ships

Crusie Ship Costa Magica
Costa Magica

Costa Marina
Costa Marina

Cruise Ship Oceana
P&O Cruise ship Oceana

Cruise ship Aida Vita
Aida Vita, May 2007

Aida Luna
Aida Luna, August 2010

Celebrity Cruise's Century
Celebrity Cruise's "Century", July 2007

Cruise ship Deutschland
Cruise ship Deutschland, 2010

Cruise ship Ocean Countess
Cruise Ship Ocean Countess, May 2011

Le Diamant
Le Diamant


Saga Ruby
Saga Ruby

Queen Mary 2, Cunard
Queen Mary 2, June 2012

Offshore vessels and drill rigs

Acergy Falcon
Pipelay vessel Acergy Falcon

Castoro Sei
Castoro Sei

Acergy Eagle
Acergy Eagle

Pipelay Vessel Solitaire
Pipelay Vessel Solitaire.

For more about offshore survey and construction vessels operation click here. For pictures of platforms and other offshore installations click here.

Normand Subsea
Normand Subsea

ROV survey / construction support vessel Edda Fauna
ROV survey / construction support vessel Edda Fauna, 2010

ROV / Construction support vessel Geosund
SV Geosund

ROV survey / construction support vessel Edda Flora
ROV survey / construction support vessel Edda Flora, 2010

Edda Flora 2018
Edda Flora, Survey and Light Contstruction vessel

drill vessel
Geotechnical vessel Bucentaur, 2010

Fugro Mercator
Survey vessel Fugro Mercator

Songa Trym
Songa Trym

Seismic vessels

Geco Emerald
Geco Emerald, May 2011

Seismic vessel Sea Explorer
Seismic vessel "Sea Explorer", Øygarden, 2010

Seismnic vessel Ramform Sovereign
Ramform Sovereign, 06 May 2008

Ramform Challenger
Ramform Challenger

Seismic vessel Geowave Commander
Seismic vessel Geowave Commander, September 2007

Seismic vessel Geo Atlantic
Seismic vessel Geo Atlantic, September 2007

Tideway's Rock dumping vessel Flintstone
Tideway's Rock dumping vessel Flintstone, January 2013

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