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Other activities in Øygarden

Øygarden isn't just birding. It is also a superb place for fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, walking and any number of other activities. The wonderful light we have much of the time makes it ideal for photography and painting. In stormy weather watching the waves crash over the islands is a wonderful experience - from a safe distance!

Part of the one of the many offshore islands in Øygarden

Typical view in Øygarden


When I am not birding I can often be found with a fishing rod in my hand and have been said to suffer from "fishing Tourettes". There are a number of places where one can hire small boats to go fishing - or exploring along the idyllic coastline. It is, however, not necessary to use a boat at all - there are innumerable places where one can fish from land. I fish almost exclusively from the shore and catch a wide variety of fish species.

The commonest fish to be caught on rod and line are Pollack, Coalfish, Ling, Cod and, in season, Mackerel. Many others are regular such as  Halibut, Garfish, Wrasse and more.

I tend to do most of my fishing during the winter months - there is usually somewhere that is relatively sheltered whatever the weather.

Halibut Solberg, looking south (ish)
Halibut / Kveite Garfish / Horngjel
Pollack Small Ling
Pollack / Lyr such as this one are  not unusual.... A small Ling / Lange
Cod / Torsk Ling / Lange
A fine winter Cod / Torsk.
Photo: M. Bokenfohr
A nice Ling /Lange, caught only moments after the cod to the left....Photo: M. Bokenfohr

Cuckoo Wrasse
Cuckoo Wrasse / Blåstål

Gunard / Knurr, August 2010

Spurdog, December 2019
Spurdog, December 2019
These red-listed sharks seem to be regular on rod and line at some locations in Øygarden

Some links to fishing in the area are given below


Scuba Diving

Øygarden is a mecca for scuba divers and there are endless possibilities to explore the wealth of marine life in the area. Visibility is extremely good, although it can deteriorate in the early summer.


There is a series of walks known as "Nordsjøløypa" which cover Øygarden and beyond.  Descriptions of the walks (in Norwegian but with maps) can be found here:


At Oen there is a museum which has a cafe. It has a website, although this is in Norwegian only at present. Cycles can be rented at the museum.


Kayakking is a wonderful and popular way to explore the coastline in calm weather.

Adventure sports
A variety of activities such as rapelling, caving and trekking are offered by "Orkan" Adventures.

Swimming & beaches
There are countless small inlets and beaches where one can swim, a few of them have parking and some other facilities such as diving boards, or ramps to allow wheelchair access. The best known and easiest to find places to swim are Ormhilleren (just over the bridge at Rognesund), One and at Tjeldstø. However, it is easy to find many other suitable places, both in the sea and in fresh water.

Bathing area at Tjeldstø
Bathing area at Tjeldstø

There is a wealth of plant life in Øygarden, some of it quite specialised. A book about the regions flora is readily available in shops and at the museum at Oen.

Orchids such as this one are extremely numerous.

There are several localities where climbing is popular.

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