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Black Redstart - Svartrødstjert - Phoenicurus ochruros
Svart rodstjart  - Husrødstjert - Mustaleppalintu - Zwarte roodstaart - Hausrotschwanz - Rougequeue noir - Colirrojo Tizón

Black Redstart is a species I associate with docks and harbours - I've seen then whilst alongside in countries throughout Europe, from Denmark to Gibraltar. They are one of the first migrants to start moving in the spring and one of the last in the autumn and are always a pleasure to see.

Male Black Redstart passes dead Skylark
Male Black Redstart passes dead Skylark, Black Sea, March 2010

Male Black Redstart, Mediterranean, October 2020
Male Black Redstart, Mediterranean, October 2020
This species is one of the most regular late autumn migrants offshore in the Mediterranean.

Black Redstart, Mediterranean, October 2020
Female Black Redstart in poor condition, off Mallorca, October 2020

The following two images were taken on the back deck of a survey vessel not far from Israel in late November 2009.

Black Redstart

Black Redstart

Black Redstart
Black Redstart, Skogsøy, Øygarden, November 2010
Black Redstart are a scarce but regular migrant in Øygarden
Perhaps the best place to see this species is on the island of Hernar

Black Redstart, Herdlevær, March 2012
Black Redstart, 24 March 2012, Herdlevær, Øygarden

Offshore Black Redstart with moth
Black Redstarts often cope better with offshore conditions than other passerines - this bird caught a number of moths whilst onboard
German Sector of the North Sea, November  2011

Male Black Redstart onboard survey vessel
Male Black Redstart, North Sea, November 2011

Black Redstart, Hernar, Norway, August 2015
Black Redstart, Hernar, Øygarden, Norway, 06 August 2015.

Hernar gets this species quite regularly but this one threw me completely age-wise. It was seen at a very unusual time of year - early August is not a time of year to see this species locally. The yellow gape led me to believe that this was a young bird. However, adults can show this too (though this feature does not seem to be visible on any of the other images I have of this species). The worn tertials indicate that this is in fact an adult bird. Goodness knows where this came from!

Male Black Redstart, Hernar, Norway, May 2020
Male Black Redstart, Hernar, Norway, May 2020

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