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Yellow Wagtail- Gulerle - Motallica flava
Gulärla  - Gul Vipstjert - Keltavästäräkki - Gele kwikstaart - Bergeronnette flavéole

Male thumbergi Yellow Wagtail
Male thumbergi Yellow Wagtails are a cracking sight! Kvisleflået, Engerdal, July 2014

Female thumbergi Yellow Wagtail
Female thumbergi Yellow Wagtail - altogether more subdued but not helped by a cloud
Kvisleflået, Engerdal, July 2014

Blue-headed Wagtail
Blue-headed Wagtail (thunbergi). This is the race encountered on the Hardangervidda, Norway

Yellow wagtail on Lanzarote
Yellow Wagtail, probably of one of the more easterly races, Lanzarote, November 2007

Yellow Wagtail offshore in Danish Sector, superzoom
Yellow Wagtail on the back deck of an offshore survey vessel, Danish Sector of the North Sea,  May 2016
Note that this image was taken using a superzoom compact camera rather than a DSLR with telephoto lens.

Yellow Wagtail, Engerdal, Norway, August 2017

Yellow Wagtail, Engerdal, Norway, August 2017 - here a garden bird feeding on the lawn

All the pictures below were digiscoped using a Nikon Coolpix and a Swarovski telescope.

Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Yellow Wagtail

Above three photographs taken beside Aghia lake, Crete, 28 September 2006

Yellow Wagtail

Digiscoped, S'Albufera, Mallorca 02 June 2005

A couple more
thumbergii from Engerdal where this species is common and widespread:

Thumbergii Yellow Wagtail, Engerdal, Norway, June 2018

Thumbergii Yellow Wagtail, Engerdal, Norway, June 2018
Thumbergii Yellow Wagtail, Engerdal, Norway, June 2018

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