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Ringed Plover - Sandlo - Charadrius hiaticula
Större Strandpipare - Stor Præstekrave - Tylli - Bontbekplevier - Sandregenpfeifer - Grand Gravelot - Chorlitejo Grande 

Ringed Plover, Aasta Hansteen, September 2015
Ringed Plover on the back deck of a survey vessel, Aasta Hansteen, September 2015

Ringed Plover
First year bird, Herdlevær, August 2009

Ringed Plover
One of a party of four onboard a vessel on the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian sector

Ringed Plover
Ringed Plover onboard a survey vessel NW of Faroe Islands, 24 May 2008
Picture taken with hand-held DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens

This species is a common breeder and even more numerous wintering bird in Northumberland. The bird below was nesting on the shoreline near Seahouses - these birds often have to lay multiple times as eggs are washed away by high tides or predated. Disturbance by tourists and dog walkers is also a common problem for these birds.

Ringed Plover Ringed Plover
Ringed Plover at Herdlevær, Øygarden ,June 2008 (Digiscoped) Breeding bird at Seahouses, July 2006

For more details of this species at Stag Rocks, Bamburgh, Northumberland click here

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