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Ringed Plover - Sandlo - Charadrius hiaticula

At Stag Rocks this is only species of wader that breeds, they have even done so successfully despite the vast numbers of tourists. However, the majority of breeding attempts seem to fail. Small numbers can be seen at any time of year but the majority turn up on autumn migration, numbers build up from late July and peak in the first half of September - a typical pattern in the UK and especially the east coast. Large numbers can be seen when nearby estuaries freeze over (not a common event!).

It is possible the birds seen on autumn passage come from Iceland or Greenland.

This species is much more numerous at the nearby Budle Bay and on the mudflats at Lindisfarne.

The record count during the period I counted waders there is 47 individuals on 19 September 1989.

Ringed Plover numbers at Stag Rocks 1985 -1990

Ringed Plover
Ringed Plover, Seahouses, July 2006. Click on the image to see more pictures of this species

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