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Dunlin - Myrsnipe - Calidris alpina
Kärrsnäppa  - Almindelig Ryle - Suosirri - Bonte strandloper - Alpenstrandlaufer - Correlimos Común - Bécasseau variable
Dunlin at Stag Rocks, Northumberland, UK Dunlin at Skogsøy, Hordaland, Norway

Dunlin at Herdlevær, near Bergen, Norway, September 2017

Above and below: Dunlin feeding on the shore at Herdlevær, Øyarden, September 2017.
A few minutes crawling through rock pools were all it took to get these shots....

Dunlin at Herdlevær, near Bergen, Norway, September 2017

Dunlin, Herdlevær
Dunlin at Herdlevær, Øygarden, 10 Septmeber 2011

Dunlin, Heggeriset, Engerdal, June 2017
Dunlin at Heggeriset, Engerdal, Hedmark, June 2017

Migrant Dunlin
Migrant Dunlin at Fornebu, near Oslo, August 2014


Above and below, Herdlevær, August 2009


Dunlin feeding on rocky shores, Øygarden, August 2010


Above and below, Dunlin at Herdla, Hordaland, 19 September 2009


Dunlin on the back deck of a survey vessel on the Ormen Lange field off Norway, 01 June 2009
DSLR & 400mm telephoto lens (hand held)

Digiscoped image - Monkshouse Pools, Seahouses, Northumberland, July 2006

Dunlin with Golden Plover
Dunlin with Golden Plover on the Hardangervidda, June 2010.
This picture illustrates how the Dunlin got one of its alternative names "the plover's page".

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