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Peregrine Falcon - Vandrefalk - Falco peregrinus
Pilgrimsfalk - Vandrefalk - Muuttohaukka - Slechtvalk - Wanderfalke - Faucon pèlerin - Halcón Peregrino

Peregrine is a one of the commoner raptors in Øygarden, especially during the winter. They are most often seen sitting on the outer islands and hunting out over the sea - preying on auks and migrants. It is MUCH commoner than Gyrfalcon.


Gyrfalcon - Jaktfalk - Falco rusticolus
Peregrine Falcon with thrush, Danish Sector of the North Sea,  November 2011
This picture was taken at night - the bird was using an offshore vessel as a look out post and made repeated forays into the night before returning with this thrush. For more about nocturnal bird photography see this link.

Peregrine - Vandrefalk - Falco peregrinus
Peregrine, Øygarden near Bergen, Norway, September 2008

Peregrine at Skogsøy
Peregrine at Skogsøy, Øygarden, November 2014

Peregrine - Vandrefalk - Falco peregrinus
Tjeldstø, May 2008

First year Peregrine, Herdlevær, October 2017

Above and below: First year bird looking very well fed, Herdlevær, October 2017

First year Peregrine, Herdlevær, October 2017

Peregrine, Øygarden, Norway, May 2020
Peregrine, Øygarden, Norway, May 2020

Peregrine - Vandrefalk - Falco peregrinus
Skogsøy, August 2007
Skogsøy is perhaps the best location to connect with this species in Øygarden but Peregrine can turn up anywhere.

Peregrine, Skogsøy
Skogsøy, July 2014

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