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Gyrfalcon - Jaktfalk - Falco rusticolus
Jaktfalk - Jagtfalk - Tunturihaukka - Giervalk - Gerfalk

Gyrfalcon is a hard species to see - even in Øygarden. However, the possibility of seeing this species is always present during the late autumn and winter. These magnificent and elusive birds are usually seen either during seawatches or whilst scanning the tops of offshore islands.

Pale phase birds have been observed but are much rarer than the "normal" type.

It is quite possible that this species gets overlooked - I regularly see distant falcons that go down as "large falcon".

Gyrfalcon - Jaktfalk - Falco rusticolus
Above and below: Gyrfalcon at Herdlevær 25 October 2009 - although at the time I found this bird I was in a hurry to see a Dusky Warbler that had turned up a few kilometres south and the light was fading fast.

Gyrfalcon - Jaktfalk - Falco rusticolus

Gyrfalcon, Iceland
Hunting Gyrfalcon, Iceland, June 2008

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