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Long-eared Owl  - Hornugle - Asio otus
Hornuggla - Skovhornugle - Sarvipöllö - Ransuil - Waldohreule - Hibou moyen-duc - Búho Chico

Long-eared Owl

Migrant Long-eared Owl, Skaggerak, North Sea, April 2010

Long-eared Owl
Migrating Long-eared Owl, Skaggerak, North Sea, April 2010

These days I see most of my Long-eared Owls offshore. This bird turned up in the Skaggerak not far south of Mandal, Norway. On other occasions I have seen them take up residence on vessels and platforms in the North Sea and prey on grounded migrants.  Owls migrating over the sea often get a hard time from gulls - this bird was mobbed several times as it approached the vessel.

Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl, Skaggerak, North Sea, April 2010

Meadow Pipit killed by Long-eared Owl
Meadow Pipit killed by Long-eared Owl, German Sector of the North Sea, November 2011
Owls typically decapitate their prey.

The following photographs are of birds that spent some days onboard preying on the nightly "circulations" of passerines around the vessel. They preferred to kill prey themselves and did not appear to take birds killed by collision with the vessel.

Long-eared Owl roosting under the helideck

Long-eared Owl roosting under the helideck
An attempt at flash photography priduced this alarming effect
For more about nocturnal bird photography see this link.

Tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee
Long-eared Owls getting cosy under the helideck, North Sea, November 2011

Long-eared owl silhouette during the pre-dawn
More typical night time view of a Long-eared Owl, North Sea, November 2011

The next images were taken more to compare a compact superzoom against a DSLR & 400mm telephoto lens than anything else. Superb results from the superzoom!
Long-eared Owl, near Oslo, Norway Long-eared Owl, near Oslo, Norway
Roosting Long-eared Owl photographed under very poor lighting conditions with a compact superzoom. Click here for more details about superzoom photography Same bird photographed with a DSLR camera with a 400mm lens. See this page for further details.

Migrant Long-eared Owl, Mediterranean, May 2013
This bird was photographed onboard a survey vessel in the eastern Mediterranean, May 2013
Photographer: Len Ricketts

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