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Common Guillemot - Lomvi - Uria aalge
Sillgrissla - Lomvie - Etelänkiisla - Guillemot de Troil

Common Guillemot can be seen in varying numbers throughout the year irrespective of wind condtions. The largest numbers can be seen in February, often under difficult conditions. Many auks pass too far out to be specifically identified, although the majority are likely to be this species. Up to 200 have been noted swimming south in late summer.... 

The blue line shows number of visits, the orange one the number of visits when Common Guillemot have been recorded and the green one (numbers on right hand axis) shows the average numbers I have recorded in any three day period.

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Common Guillemot occurrence at Skogsøy

Guillemot / Common Murre occurrence at Skogsøy, SW Norway
Number of Guillemots observed at Skogsøy by week number (artsobs)

Flight shot of Guillemot / Common Murre, Skogsøy, May 2020
Flight shot of Guillemot / Common Murre, Skogsøy, May 2020

Maximum: 400, 05 February 2006

Common Guillemot

Common Guillemot, Tjeldstø, 10 September 2008

Tveit, B.O., Mobakken, G. og Bryne, O. 2004 Fugler og fuglafolk på Utsira. Utsira Fuglestasjon
Website: Fugler i Hordaland - Skogsøy i Øygarden 


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