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Species List Species Accounts Skogsøy 2006

On this page one can download various files which give an overview of the species and numbers invloved.

- Birdlife at Skogsøy and Herdelvær
These files Microsoft Excel spreadsheets which presents all the species I have recorded there based on 3-day observation periods.  Both stationary and migrating birds are included in these. Records from the seawatching point at Skogsøy and the neighbouring area of Herdlevær have been grouped together . You can choose between average, total or maximum graphs. The data are not standardised in any way (differing length of sewatches, not following standard routes etc.), but the plots show up much of interest. The time of year and the kind of numbers to expect are the information that can be extracted.

Note that these spreadsheets are currently based only on my own data and are thus by no means an exhaustive list of the species or maximum numbers that have been recorded. Note that not all records have been submitted to the LRSK (local rarities commitee).

These spreadsheets give a good idea of what to expect throughout the year. Clicking on the links below will open the file in your web browser (if Excel is installed). Alternatively right click and "save target as". There are no macros in these files.

Download English name version (revised 31 May 2006)
Download Norwegian name version

- Spring Migration Project 2006
An introduction to the general aims of the spring 2006 project can be downloaded here (
in pdf format)

Introduction to Spring 2006 migration project (pdf)

- Spring 2006 Migration Report
The following report requires pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

Preliminary report for  Spring 2006 migration project (pdf)

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