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Common Guillemot (Common Murre) - Lomvi - Uria aalge
Sillgrissla Lomvie - Etelänkiisla

Common Guillemot (Common Murre), Lomvi , Uria aalge, Kristin field, April 2007
Common Guillemot, Kristin, April 2007

I see auks surprisingly little from survey vessels and oil platforms in the North Sea. Sometimes they seem very tame and feed right next to the vessel - possibly attracted by the aerated water caused by DP vessels.

Auks have been seen diving to incredible depths by ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) operating on oilfields and pipelines in the North Sea - with such birds captured on video as they "fly" past the vehicle.

Common Guillemot
Common Guillemot, Tjeldstø, September 2008

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