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Pallas's Gull (Great Black-headed Gull) - Steppemåke - Larus ichthyaetus
Svarthuvadtrut - Stor sorthovedet måge - Reuzenzwartkopmeeuw - Fischmöwe - Goéland ichthyaète - Gavión Cabecinegro

In my limited experience of Pallas's Gull this species seems to be a nocturnal feeder in much the same way as Audoin's Gull. In the eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Israel I have almost only seen this species during the hours of darkness (January 2010 and January 2011). Needless to say this presented some photographic difficulties - the images below were shot at ISO3200 and 1/15 of a second - even after underexposing as much as possible. With a handheld 400mm lens on a moving boat the results speak for themselves...

Nocturnal Pallas's Gull
Above and below, Pallas's Gull feeding at night, off Israel, January 2011

Nocturnal Pallas's Gull

First year Pallas's Gull, Oslo opera house
Norway's first ever Pallas's Gull, Oslo, August 2014

The following book takes a lot of the mystery of gull identification:

Pallas's Gull in Dubai Harbour,UAE, March 2019
Pallas's Gull, Dubai harbour, UAE, March 2019
Picture taken with a superzoom camera

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