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Audouin's Gull - Middelhavsmåke - 
Larus audouinii

Rödnäbbad Trut   - Audoinsmåge - Välimerenlokki - Audouins meeuw - Korallenmöwe - Goéland d'Audouin - Gaviota de Audouin

Audoin's Gull, March 2011
Adult Audoin's Gull, Ibiza, March 2011

Audoin's Gull feeding at night
Audoin's Gull feeding at night - here catching a small fish, Balearics, March 2011

Audoin's Gull on the sea at dawn
Dawn shot of Audoin's Gull, off Ibiza, March 2011.
Typically this species was most active at night and cleared off around daybreak

Second summer Audoin's Gull
Second summer Audoin's Gull, Gibraltar Straits, March 2011

Audoin's Gull feeding at night
A night time shot of a feeding Audoin's Gull - part of a flock of 30 or so off Gibraltar 18 March 2010
Picture taken using a hand held DSLR with a 400mm lens from a moving boat - ISO setting 3200!

Audoin's Gulls are often rather nocturnal in their activity and I have regularly seen them from survey vessels at night
For more information about offshore birding in the Mediterranean see this page
Audoin's gulls are also regular in and around the S'albufera, Mallorca.

Audoin's Gull Audoins Gull

Pictures taken NW of  Ibiza,  15 April 2005, both pictures above taken using binoculars as telephoto lens ("digibinning").

Audoins Gull, Mediterranean, October 2020
One of two Audoins Gulls, off Mallorca, October 2020

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