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Acergy Piper at Tyrihans
Acergy Piper at Tyrihans

Tyrihans Pipelay

For more about hydrographic survey operation click here. For pictures of platforms and other offshore installations click here.

The Tyrihans pipelay project has involved many different vessels of various different types; this page presents just a few of them.

The business end of the Acergy Piper
The centre of attention during the 16/18" pipelay

During the lay of the 16/18" pipeline the laybarge Acergy Piper was at the centre of things, to keep it running there were pipe barges to keep it supplyed with pipe lengths, anchor handling tugs (including a smaller tug that helped out with mi-line buoys) and survey support vessels.

In-line tess going off the stinger

Maersk Advancer
The Maersk Advancer was involved in the initiation of the pipelay


Acergy Piper
The Acergy Piper (above) was one of two pipelay vessels used on the Tyrihans projecct.

Acergy Falcon
As I didn't get close enough whilst offshore I had to wait until the Acergy Falcon vessel sailed past my house....

Ocean Poseidon Acergy Petrel, Vestbase, Kristiansund
Olympic Poseidon, May 2007
Acergy Petrel, Vestbase, Kristiansund

Olympic Poseidon and Acergy Piper
Acergy Piper and Olympic Poseidon.

Dawn over the Acergy Piper
Dawn (03:30!!) over the Acergy Piper, Tyrihans, June 2007

As the anchor pattern of the lay barge crossed existing pipelines buoys were attached to the anchor lines to lift the lines clear of subsea installations.

Thorax working on a mid-line buoy
Tugboat Thorax working with a mid-line buoy

Pipelay Initiation

Initiation piles are used to anchor the pipeline when commencing a pipelay. These piles need to be driven into the seabed. Below is a picture of a piling hammer being recovered on completion of such an operation.

Acergy Petrel assisting with touchdown monitoring
Acergy Petrel assisting with touchdown monitoring

Vestbase, Kristiansund
Many of the vessels used Vestbase as a base during the project