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Gabon Continental shelf - UNCLOS.
26 June -04 July 2010

SV Geograph
SV Geograph - equipped with  both EM710 and EM122 echosounders as well as a SBP120 system.

The job was an MBE survey in offshore waters off Gabon - all the way out to the foot of the continental shelf as part of an UNCLOS article 76 investigation. We joined the vessel in Pointe Noire, Congo and sailed from there to the water off Gabon. Some awesome data of the shelf was collected - unfortunately unable to present any of it here!

Very few birds positively identified ashore as we went straight to the vessel. Cattle Egrets fed in the streets, Pied Crows abundant along with a species of swift. A few other species were seen but with poor views from a moving vehicle it just wasn't possible to identify most of the stuff seen.

Cattle Egret on the satellite dome
Cattle Egret on the satellite dome

Offshore was EXTREMELY quiet with very little seen indeed. Virtually the only species seen was Wilson's Storm-petrel with several seen most days. Views were generally distant and brief - and usually around dawn (or even at night!). A Cattle Egret turned up well offshore the day after we sailed; other than that the only other birds seen were occasional Common Terns.

Other wildlife was limited to a shark, occasional flying fish and, during the hours of darkness, squid.

Flying Fish
Flying fish on a VERY calm morning

Wilson's Storm Petrel
Wilson's Storm Petrel, 01 July 2010

Wilson's Storm Petrel
Wilson's Petrel in heavy wing moult, off Gabin, late June  2010
Click on picture for more Wilson's Storm Petrel images

Preying mantis
This Preying Mantis turned up on deck a few days after we left port

Wilson's Storm Petrels
Wilson's Storm Petrels, late June 2010

Shark cruising past the vessel

A Mullet caught whilst at anchor off Pointe Noire, Congo

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