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Common Coot - Sothøne - Fulica atra
Sothöna  - Blishøne - Nokikana - Meerkoet - Bläßhuhn - Focha Común - Foulque macroule

Coot, Samsun, Turkey
Coot in Samsun harbour, Turkey, May 2012
DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens

Baby Coot, Østensjøvannet, Oslo
Baby Coot, Østensjøvatnet, Oslo, May 2014

Other Coot species can turn up from time to time so it is best to scrutinise any Coot that turn up in unusual places. See the links below for a couple of rather similar species:
American Coot
Red-knobbed Coot

Digiscoped Juvenile bird, Monkshouse Pools, Seahouses, July 2006


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