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Common Tern - Makrellterne - Sterna hirundo
Fisktärna   - Fjordterne - Kalatiira - Visdiefje - Flußseeschwalbe - Sterne pierregarin - Charrán Común

Adult Common Tern

Above and below: Adult Common Terns, Tjeldstø, Norway, 25 August 2011

Adult Common Tern

Juvenile Common Tern
Juvenile Common Tern, Tjeldstø, Norway, 25 August 2011

Common Tern, Gressholmen, Oslo, May 2017
Common Tern, Gressholmen, Oslo, May 2017

Adult Common Tern in flight
Adult Common Tern, Nautnes, Øygarden, June 2016

Common Tern

Digiscoped image, Tjeldstø, Øygarden, 23 July 2003

Common Tern
Digiscoped image, Monkshouse Pools, Northumberland, 17 July 2006

Fishing in the rain
Feeding young in torrential rain, Herdlevær, September 2014

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