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Woodpigeon - Ringdue - Columba palumbus
Ringduva - Sepelkyyhky - Houtduif - Ringeltaube - Pigeon ramier - Paloma Torcaz

One of the great things about offshore birding is that all land birds are interesting - even the lowly Woodpigeon. Migrating birds commonly land on oil rigs and other offshore installations. I have even seen this species land on the sea, only to take off again.

Woodpigeon on the Gjøa field, southern Norwegian Sector, April 2009
No telephoto lens!!

Migrant Woodpigeon resting onboard
Migrant Woodpigeon in the southern North Sea, November 2011


Woodpigen, Hellesøy, Øygarden, March 2009

Grounded migrant woodpigeon
Grounded migrant Woodpigeon, Hernar, April 2010

Migrant Woodpigeon resting onboard
Southern North Sea, November 2011

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