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White-faced Storm-petrel - Fregattstormsvale - Pelagodroma marina
Fregattstormsvala - Bont stormvogeltje - Weißgesichts-Sturmschwalbe - Paíño Pechialbo - Océanite frégate

White-faced Storm-petrel was up there with Zino's Petrel as bird of the holiday. A truly cracking species - looks good (if somehat comical with its "kangaroo" jumping) and is suitably rare. Worth the pelagic trip in its own right.

White-faced Storm-petrel, Madeira

All images taken on Madeira Wind Birds Pelagic trip 04-06 August 2011
For more details of birding in Madeira see this link

White-faced Storm-petrel, Madeira

Equipment for all pictures was a DSLR with a 400mm telephoto lens

White-faced Storm-petrel, Madeira
White-faced Storm-petrel photographed off Madeira,  05 August 2011


Two essential books for Madeira:

One of the most photogenic seabirds I have seen - and much easier to photograph than Bulwer's. Despite being much less numerous than Bulwer's during the three day pelagic I took these birds were quite confiding coming close to the boat and, more importantly not moving fast for a few seconds at a time. It was a different story during their "jumps" - White-faced Storm-petrel bounce around like erratic kangaroos whilst feeding - truly comical to watch.

White-faced Storm-petrel, Madeira

In Madeira one really needs to take a pelagic trip to stand a good chance of seeing this species well. 

Bulwer's Petrel
Zino's Petrel
Fea's Petrel

White-faced Storm Petrel by Max Berlijn

White-faced Storm-petrel, Madeira
A view like this is a seabirders dream come true...this is reason enough in itself to visit Madeira.

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