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Fea's Petrel - Kappverdepetrell - Pterodroma feae
Atlantpetrell - Kaapverdische Stormvogel - Kapverdensturmvogel - Petrel Gon-gon - Pétrel gongon

Not a bird that comes to chum slicks very often - this species often just cruises on by. Notoriously difficult to separate from the closely related Zino's Petrel this species can cause ID headaches. However, many of the birds we saw were really quite different from Zino's with massive beaks.

The use of bill size as an ID feature reminded me very much of the difference between Parrot Crossbill and Common Crossbill

Fea's Petrel, Madeira

Above image taken on Madeira Wind Birds Pelagic trip 04-06 August 2011
For more details of birding in Madeira see this link

Fea's Petrel, Madeira
Three Fea's Petrel (and the wingtip of a fourth) together with Cory's Shearwater, Madeira, August 2011
These pictures were taken during a dolphin trip closer inshore.

Equipment for all pictures was a DSLR with a 400mm telephoto lens


Two essential books for Madeira:

Zino's Petrel, Maderia
Zino's Petrel for comparison, Madeira, August 2011. Click on picture for more Zino's images

Fea's Petrel, Madeira
This Fea's was robbed of its catch by Cory's...a real bonus sighting on a dolphin trip off Madeira.

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