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Zino's Petrel - Madeirapetrell - Pterodroma madeira
Madeirapetrell - Madeira-stormvogel - Madeirasturmvogel - Petrel Freira - Pétrel de Madère

Incredibly rare, rather localised and difficult to identify - Zino's Petrel has it all. It seems the only reliable way to see this species away from the breeding colonies is on specially targeted pelagic trips from Madeira.

Zino's Petrel, Madeira

All images taken on Madeira Wind Birds Pelagic trip 04-06 August 2011
For more details of birding in Madeira see this link

Zino's Petrel, Madeira

Equipment for all pictures was a DSLR with a 400mm telephoto lens

Zino's Petrel, Madeira
Bulwer's Petrel photographed off Madeira,  30 August 2011


Two essential books for Madeira:

Not quite as difficult to photograph as Bulwer's these birds still moved very fast indeed and tended not to hang around for long. The individuals we saw did, however, show themselves much better than the closely related Fea's Petrel and a few put on a really good show for us.

Zino's Petrel, Madeira

Zino's Petrel, Madeira
The extensive white on the underwing and the delicate beak confirm that this is a Zino's - compare the bill with a Fea's Petrel here

To see this species in daylight one really needs to take a pelagic trip. The alternative is to visit the breeding colonies at night - something I did not find time to do myself during my visit to Madeira. This night time visit is an unforgetable experience according to those I have spoken to about it.

Zino's Petrel, Madeira

Video of one of the Zino's we saw during the pelagic trip by Max Berlijn

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