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Long-tailed Skua - Fjelljo - Stercorarius longicaudus
Fjallabb - Lille Kjove -Tunturikihu - Kleinste jager

Long-tailed Skua are one of my favourite birds and more than likely my next tattoo.

The species is reasonably regular past my local seawatching site at Skogsøy, SW Norway in the spring - more often than not passing later than the other skua species. Seeing these birds passing in full summer plumage is a fantastic experience.

This species is one of the target birds for visitors to the Hardangervidda and I get the impression that they may wait offshore for a while before heading up to breed.

During late June and early July 2009 this species was seen pretty much daily on the Ormen Lange field NW of Kritiansund. However, few of these birds were adults. This page presents a few record shots.

Long-tailed Skua - fjelljo
Second summer (?) Long-tailed Skua, Ormen Lange field, Norwegian Sea, July 2009.
This picture was very underexposed and has been lightened considerably in photoshop.

Same bird pictured below

Long-tailed Skua - fjelljo

Long-tailed Skua migration at Skogsøy

Long-tailed Skua - fjelljo
Another second or third summer bird at Ormen Lange, 26 June 2009

The following book is highly recommended, not just for ID but full of other information too:

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