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Birding tattoos

This is where I present a collection of cool birding tattoos. Send me a mail if there's one you'd like to add. The variety of bird tattoos is large - from accurate representations of favourite species to more stylised renditions.

White-tailed Eagle tattoo
My daughter's White-tailed Eagle tattoo, May 2017

Pomarine Skua tattoo
My Pomarine Skua tattoo, picture taken at work in Australia in 2006

Olive-crowned Crescentchest from Argentina
Olive-crowned Crescentchest from Argentina (Francisco González Táboas)
A true birder's tattoo as it even includes binoculars!

Wilson's Petrel tattoo
Grant Humphrie's tattoo of a Leach's Storm Petrel in a storm.
Artist: Tanya Dann

Sooty Shearwater tattoo
Another seawatching tattoo- Bert de Bruin's Sooty Shearwater

Snow Bunting
Snow Bunting - Ragnar Vikøren
Picture taken on Hernar

Sabine's Gull Sabine's Gull - literally
Sabine's Gull - the only choice for a seawatcher called Sabine! Sabine Wenzel, with Sabine's Gull drawing  by Kay Fuhrmann, tattoo by Thorben Schaal

Wilson's Phalarope tattoo, Fay Ratta
Wilson's Phalarope, Fay Ratta

Red-crowned Crane Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Red-crowned Crane,
Michael Guenther
Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Kate Somerville

Great Horned Owl
Great horned Owl
Wendy St. John

Northern Gannets Rufous Hummingbird, Steve Shunk
Rachel Scherer
Artist:  Kore Grate,
Rufous Hummingbird, Steve Shunk

Gull footprint tattoo
Alex Robbins's gull foot tattoo on her foot

Manakin tattoo - Adam Beeler
Manakin (Chiroxiphia linearis) - Adam Beeler

Haida Eagle
Haida Eagle

Raven, David Ward


Tattoos are generally accepted in mainstream society these days, but some employers still consider visible tattoos unprofessional. Law firms and law enforcement often enforce a no tattoo policy, so it is unlikely you would ever meet a Dayton lawyer with a visible tattoo.

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