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Birding tattoos

This is where I present a collection of cool birding tattoos. Send me a mail if there's one you'd like to add. The variety of bird tattoos is large - from accurate representations of favourite species to more stylised renditions.

White-tailed Eagle tattoo
My daughter's White-tailed Eagle tattoo, May 2017

Pomarine Skua tattoo
My Pomarine Skua tattoo, picture taken at work in Australia in 2006

Olive-crowned Crescentchest from Argentina
Olive-crowned Crescentchest from Argentina (Francisco González Táboas)
A true birder's tattoo as it even includes binoculars!

Wilson's Petrel tattoo
Grant Humphrie's tattoo of a Leach's Storm Petrel in a storm.
Artist: Tanya Dann

Sooty Shearwater tattoo
Another seawatching tattoo- Bert de Bruin's Sooty Shearwater

Sabine's Gull Sabine's Gull - literally
Sabine's Gull - the only choice for a seawatcher called Sabine! Sabine Wenzel, with Sabine's Gull drawing  by Kay Fuhrmann, tattoo by Thorben Schaal

Red-crowned Crane Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Red-crowned Crane,
Michael Guenther
Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Kate Somerville

Great Horned Owl
Great horned Owl
Wendy St. John

Northern Gannets Rufous Hummingbird, Steve Shunk
Rachel Scherer
Artist:  Kore Grate,
Rufous Hummingbird, Steve Shunk

Gull footprint tattoo
Alex Robbins's gull foot tattoo on her foot

Manakin tattoo - Adam Beeler
Manakin (Chiroxiphia linearis) - Adam Beeler

Haida Eagle
Haida Eagle

Raven, David Ward


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