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Arctic Redpoll - Polarsisik - Carduelis hornemanni
Snösiska - Hvidsisken - Tundraurpiainen - Witstuitbarmsijs - Polarbirkenzeisig - Sizerin blanchâtre - Pardillo de Hornemann

Redpolls can be a tricky group to identify and I have been plagued by pale, unstreaked rumps for years, never quite being sure of the ID. This bird that turned up on the back deck of a drill ship in the Barent's Sea was not such a bird - a stunning little gem that blew away any doubts as to its identification. A real "snowball".

Arctic Redpoll
Offshore Arctic Redpoll, Shtokman Field, Barent's Sea, October 2010

Arctic Redpoll
Offshore Arctic Redpoll, Shtokman field, Barents Sea, October 2010

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Arctic Redpoll
Offshore Arctic Redpoll, Barents Sea, October 2010

Photographing this bird was not easy. Although quite approachable the light was awful and I was forced to use single shot flash in the murky conditions. Also tried putting the ISO values up to ridiculous levels and underexposing. Given the conditions the results were quite satisfactory.

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