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Water Rail - Vannrikse - Rallus aquaticus
Vattenrall   - Vandrikse - Luhtakana - Waterral - Wasseralle - Râle d'eau - Rascón Europeo

In Øygarden Water Rail are a common autumn migrant that turn up wherever there is suitable habitat and occasionally even where there is no such thing. The often seem to turn up after / during south westerly storms and during such I have even seen them out at Skogsøy. The norm is reedbeds or anywhere boggy with enough vegetation to hide in - which means not much at all for a Water Rail.

Some usually attempt to overwinter or alternatively suddenly turn up winter cold snaps. There have also been one or two indications that the species may even have attempted to breed at a couple of locations.

Water Rail, Tjeldstø, February 2018

Water Rail, Tjeldstø, February 2018
Water Rail, Tjeldstø, February 2018

Water Rail

S'Albufera, Mallorca, August 2007

All pictures was taken using different digital SLR cameras with a 400mm telephoto lens (hand held)

Water Rail
Water Rail at Tjeldstø, Øygarden, Febraury 2012

Water Rail are a common autumn migrant in Øygarden and are probably underecorded in winter. This bird posed roadside during the morning school run....

Migrant Water Rail killed in collision with vessel
This unfortunate Water Rail collided with a vessel during a nocturnal "circulation" around a survey vessel.
German Sector of the North Sea, November 2011

Water Rail, Alvheim, Øygarden
Cold snaps tend to make this species a lot more obvious - forcing birds to the coast and to whatever is not frozen. Another "school-run" bird - Alvheim, Øygarden, December 2012

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