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Rock Pipit - Skjærpiplerke - Anthus petrosus
Skärpiplärka  - Skærpiber - Lännenluotokirvinen - Strandpieper - Oeverpieper - Pipit maritime - Bisbita Costero

Rock pipit is one of the few passerine species that can manage to overwinter along the coast of Øygarden in Norway. This species exhibits a fair bit of variation and some birds can differ considerably from many of the bird guides in circulation. The dark legs, dark beak and greyish outer tail feathers can seem to be just a myth at times. However, here are some straightfoward examples...

Rock Pipit
Rock Pipit, Herdlevær, Øygarden, October 2009

Rock Pipit
Tjeldstø, December 2008

Rock Pipit
Tjeldstø, December 2008
To photograph this bird I had to lie in a dung heap for a couple of hours. Whilst waiting for the bird to show well some Goldcrests came past through some juniper bushes and were far too close to photograph!

Rock Pipit with food for its young, Norway, July 2017
A breeding bird at Skogsøy, near Bergen, Norway, July2017

Rock Pipit
Scandinavian Rock pipit (littoralis), Tjeldstø, Norway, March 2008

It is worth keeping an eye open when looking at these pipits - more interesting birds like this Buff-bellied Pipit can turn up from time to time.

Rock Pipit, Breivik, Norway, December 2015
Rock Pipit, Breivik, Øygarden, Norway, 25 December 2015

Rock Pipit, Druridge Bay

Above and below, Rock Pipit at Druridge Bay, Northumberland, March 2017. This bird was one of a pair that looked to be estabishing a territory-

Rock Pipit, Druridge Bay

Rock Pipit
Rock pipit, Seahouses, Northumberland (U.K.), July 2007

Above picture taken with a digital SLR, the two pictures below were digiscoped.

Rock Pipit Rock Pipit, Tjeldstø
(Digiscoped) Skogsøy, Øygarden, Norway, 12 July 2003.
(Digiscoped) Tjeldstø, Øygarden, Norway, 12 October 2005.

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