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Heuglin's Gull -  Larus heuglini

Heuglin's gull is one of the commonest gulls to be seen in  Israel . I had this bird down as a rather dark Yellow-legged Gull but thanks to the presentations shown lower down this page this bird was proven to be a classic heuglini. The real give away are the white moons at the end of the grey tongues on P5-P7striking features.

Check out the superb Israel gull ID presentations below - something I found very helpful when going through the photographs I took in Ashdod harbour.

Adult winter Heuglins Gull
Adult winter Heuglins Gull, Ashdod port,  Israel, January 2011 (note that this bird is in shadow)
The white moons or crescents on P5-P7 are diagnostic.

Adult winter Heuglins Gull
Adult winter Heuglin's Gull, Ashdod port, Israel, January 2011

The following book takes a lot of the mystery of gull identification:

The following presentations are invaluable for gull ID and not just in Israel....

Part 2 - Updated 25.1.11 Israel large Ad Gulls of Israel Identification guide
View more presentations from Amir Ben Dov.

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