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Rose-coloured Starling - Rosenstær - Pastor roseus
Rosenstare - Rosenstær - Punakottarainen - Rose spreeuw - Rosenstar - Etourneau roselin - Estornino Rosado

Rose-coloured Starling was for a long time something of a "bogey bird" for me locally in Øygarden. That changed in September 2015 when one posed on telephone wires outside my house. A welcome addition to any house list

First year Rose-coloured Starling

Rose-coloured Starling, Nautnes, Øygarden, 10 September 2015

First year Rose-coloured Starling
Very pale looking and not like the leucistic Starlings I've seen in autumn flocks earlier

Rose-coloured Starling occurrence in Øygarden
Rose-coloured Starling occurence in Øygarden - some double observations may be included here.
Source: artsobs

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