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Garden / House list Ranking

Someone once suggested this for a laugh on a mailing list I subscribe to. But why not?

This is just for fun, otherwise a whole load more parameters would have to be taken into account to make things "fair". Hopefully it should give us an idea about where we should be living and where housing for birders should be built. 

The rules are simple: the number of species recorded in or from your garden, seen or heard.

Note that no information, other than your name (real names preferred but not essential), a number of species and the country in which you live is collected and no information will be shared or distributed to third parties.

Click here to enter your data

Lets found out where that prime birding real estate is.....

Name Country Number of species Number of years  the garden list has been going Comments
Kjell Mjølsnes Norway 221 5
Geir Mobakken Norway 200 20 More on

Julian Bell Norway 167 10 This is as far as it got at Tjeldstø
Sveinung Hobberstad Norway 148 8
Julian Bell Norway 143 7
Vera Noest Sweden 100 6
Terje Hansen Norway 89 10
Bert de Bruin Norway 88 6 Bergen.
Frode Falkenberg Norway 74 2
Bird List here 
2015 list here
Frode also does a lot of other stuff in his garden
Bjarne L Andersen Norway 59 7  
Bert de Bruin Norway 55 1 Bergen
Bob Bushell England 16    

Below are a selection of photographs taken from my house / in my garden:

Rose-coloured Starling
Rose-coloured Starling, Nautnes, 10 September 2015

First year male Pallid Harrier
First year male Pallid Harrier, Nautnes, 30 September 2015

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