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Lesser Black-backed Gull - Sildemåke - Larus fuscus
SilltrutSildemåge - Selkälokki - Kleine mantelmeeuw - Heringsmöwe - Goéland brun - Gaviota Sombría

Adult winter Baltic Gull
Adult winter Baltic Gull L. f. fuscus, Ashdod port, Israel, January 2011

Adult LBBG, Øygarden, Norway, May 2020
Adult LBBG, Øygarden, Norway, May 2020

LBBG, Skogsøy, September 2019
Skogsøy, Norway, September 2019

Lesser black-backed Gull, Øygarden, July 2018
Lesser black-backed Gull, Øygarden, July 2018

Lesser Black-backed Gull are a common breeding migrant in Øygarden with the first birds seen usually in March but with the majority returning in April. They breed in the Common Gull colonies dotted about Øygarden  - these are often near human habitation (possibly in an attempt to avoid predators). They also squeeze in among Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls out on the islands.

Although they do feed in the fields with other gulls they are quite a pelagic species and I often see them well out to sea.

Stad, April 2007
Stad, April 2007

This migrating Lesser Black-backed Gull was photographed from a heavily rolling vessel as the bird cruised north, using the updraughts from the ship to aid its passage north back to its breeeding grounds.

Lesser Black-backed Gull
Immature LBBG, NW of Faroes, May 2008

Lesser Black-backed Gulls
Breeding pair, Tjeldstø, Øygarden, May 2010

Lesser Black-backed Gull
NW of Faroes, May 2008

Eider with young, Øygarden, July 2018

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