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Ibisbill - Ibisnebb - Ibidorhyncha struthersii

Ibisbill on the Paro river, Bhutan, November 2017
Ibisbill on the Paro river, Bhutan, November 2017

Ibisbill has been one of my must-see species since I was a teenager. I had long considered travelling to Kazachstan just to see it but when my girlfriend suggested Bhutan as a potential holiday destination I immediately thought Ibisbill and the answer was a resounding yes. This was one of the first species we saw in Bhutan and, for me at least, worth the trip in itself. Ibisbill are an enigmatic wader which I first found in the Helm's Shorebirds book - something I recieved for a birthday present after it became clear that waders were going to be a large part of the rest of my life.

We saw more Ibisbill very close to the capital city Thimphu.

This is the field guide I took with me to Bhutan and India. Although I had heard that this guide may not be the best for Bhutan I had no complaints as it covered everything we saw.


Ibisbill with large insect - possibly preying mantis
Here with a large and interesting insect the Ibisbill fished out of the river - it doesn't look like any water dwelling insect I know of and resembles a preying mantis.

Post-ibisbill smiles beside the Paro river, Bhutan
A habitat shot - the Ibisbill were seen along the river in the background of this photo.


Two Ibisbill, Paro river, Bhutan, November 2018
MTwo of seven Ibisbill seen along a short stretch of the Paro river, Bhutan, 14 November 2017

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