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Slavonian Grebe (Horned Grebe) - Horndykker - Podiceps auritus
Svarthakedopping - Nordisk lappedykker - Mustakurkku-uikku - Kuifduiker - Ohrentaucher

Slavonian and Red-necked Grebes are always popular with birders. Over much of Europe they are an uncommon sight - even in winter when they become largely coastal birds. Slavonian Grebe is an uncommon migrant and rare winter visitor in Øygarden. Only Great-crested and Black-necked grebes are rarer....

Slavonian Grebe
A winter plumaged bird at Dåvøy, Øygarden, January 2010

Slavonian Grebe
Breeding bird in Iceland, June 2008

Pictures taken using a digital SLR camera with a 400mm telephoto lens

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