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Grey-headed Woodpecker  - Gråspett - Picus canus
Gråspett - Gråspætte - Harmaapäätikka - Grijskopspecht - Grauspecht - Pic cendré - Pito Cano

Grey-headed Woodpecker

Migrant Grey-headed Woodpecker, Hernar, Øygarden, October 2009

For more details about the occurrence of this species in Øygarden see the Øygarden specialities page.

Grey-headed Woodpecker
Wintering Grey-headed Woodpecker, Skogsøy, Øygarden, February 2010

Grey-headed Woodpecker, Hatten, Øygarden, January 2018
Grey-headed Woodpecker, Hatten, Øygarden, January 2018
This bird came regularly to a feeding station for a few weeks

Grey-headed Woodpecker can be seen at any time of year in Øygarden but are generally quite scarce outside the late autumn when they pop up all over the place - including on islands such as Hernar. A similar timing for this species was also seen on Gullfjell where this species was occasionally seen migrating with thrushes through the mountains. For more details about this species in Øygarden see here. This species is obviously a migrant of sorts - but hates crossing water. The rarity hotspot island of Utsira has very few records of this species so the chances of it making it over the North Sea are not large.

Grey-headed Woodpecker

Grey-headed Woodpecker, Sæle, Øygarden, November 2010

Female Grey-headed Woodpecker
Female bird in the breeding season, Øygarden , June 2014
Although not a common sight in the breeding season this species can be found breeding in Øygarden from time to time

Grey-headed Woodpecker
Sæle, Øygarden, November 2014

All pictures on this page taken with a DSLR and a 400mm telephoto lens


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