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Alpine Accentor - Alpejernspurv- Prunella collaris
Alpe-jernspurv - alpjärnsparv - alppirautiainen - Alpenheggenmus - Alpenbraunelle - Accenteur alpin

Alpine Accentor at Bumbdrak Campsite, Bhutan, November 2017
Alpine Accentor at the Bumdrak campsite, Bhutan, November 2017

Alpine Accentor seem to be a fairly common bird in the mountains of Bhutan. The birds we saw best were around the campsite at Bumdrak. They were very approachable and fed on sheer rock faces around a temple there. We also saw them other places - such as the popular tourist attraction Tiger's Nest

This is the field guide I took with me to Bhutan and India. Although I had heard that this guide may not be the best for Bhutan I had no complaints as it covered everything we saw.


Alpine Accentor at Bumbdrak Campsite, Bhutan, November 2017
This bird came too close to fit in frame...

Himalayan Monal and Alpine Accentor habitat shot, Bumbrak, Bhutan, November 2017
A habitat shot - showing the blue tents of the campsite around which the Alpine Accentors on this page showed up. Himalayan Monal were also seen very well in the same area.
We walked up to the prayer flags at the summit pre-breakfast the following morning.

Alpine Accentor at Bumbdrak Campsite, Bhutan, November 2017
Alpine Accentor, Bumdrak, Bhutan, 15 November 2017

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