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Black-throated Diver - StorlomGavia arctica
Storlom - Sortstrubet Lom - Kuikka - Plongeon arctique

This species is the least common of the divers seen at Skogsøy with barely a handful recorded during most years. Compared to a number of other localities the odd ones recorded at Skogsøy are insignificant.

It is obvious that the Norwegian population (estimated at 5000-10000 pairs) arrives using a completely different route than Red-throated Diver.

The species is even rarer in the autumn and I have not recorded the species there in winter.

The following diagram shows the total recorded in a given three day period (green line, scale on right hand axis). In order to give an idea of the frequency of observation observer effort is presented as the blue line (number of visits) and the orange lines (number of days the species was recorded). More comprehensive data is available on the Skogsøy downloads page.

Total counts of Black-throated Diver at Skogsøy

The record day count is 6  individuals (03.05.1994).

In common with the other diver species the best numbers seen during headwinds.

Bakken, V., Runde, O. & Tjørve, E. 2003 Norsk Ringmerkingsatlas Vol. 1, Stavanger Museum, Stavanger

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