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Whooper Swan - Sangsvane - Cygnus cygnus
Sångsvan SangsvaneLaulujoutsen - Wilde zwaan - Singschwan - Cygne chanteur - Cisne Cantor

This species is a regular winter visitor to Øygarden. During milder periods they tend to keep to fresh water, but when this freezes, many move to the sea - especially the shallow areas on the east side of Skogsøy.

Whooper Swan
Whooper Swan, March 2010
Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan
Whooper Swan, Tjeldstø, October 2009

Whooper Swan, Skogsøy, December 2018
Whooper Swan, Skogsøy, December 2018

Whooper Swan, Tjeldstø, March 2018
Whooper Swan, Tjeldstø, March 2018

Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan
Rekyavik, Iceland, June 2008

Immature Whooper Swan Adult Whooper Swan
Immature, Ågotnes, February 2008
Adult, Ågotnes, February 2008
Whooper Swans Whooper Swan
Tjeldstø, 03 February 2006
Breivik, 16 March 2006

Whooper Swan and Eurasian Teal
Together with Teal, Skogsøy, 12 March 2006

Whooper Swans, Heggeristet in Engerdal, Hedmark
Whooper Swans, Heggeriset in Engerdal, Hedmark, February 2015.
Whoopers are present as long as there is ice-free water and breed in small numbers in Engerdal.
The above picture is slightly cropped from an image taken with a Nikon Coolpix Superzoom camera

Whooper killed by overhead power line
Whooper killed by overhead power lines - and they STILL want to keep building those lines through wetland nature reserves.
Found dead under power lines during the New Year bird race 2011/2012

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