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Barnacle Goose - Hvitkinngås - Branta leucopsis
Vitkindad Gås  - Bramgås - Valkoposkihanhi - Nonnengans - Brandgans - Bernache nonnette - Barnacla Cariblanca

Barnacle Goose with Greylags
Barnacle Goose with Greylags, Breivik, Øygarden, November 2010

Migrating Barncale Goose, Skogsøy, Norway
Migrating Barnacle Goose, Skogsøy, Norway, May 2016

In Øygarden Greylags often act as a carrier species and often attract other species of geese - always worth checking through Greylag flocks.

For  more details of the impressive migration of this species through Øygarden see this page.

Aquatic Warbler

Migrating Barnacle geese, Skogsøy, Norway, 12 May 2005.

Migrating Barncacle Geese
Migrating Barnacle Geese, Skogsøy, 31 May 2014

Migrating Barncacle Goose
Migrating Barnacle Goose, Skogsøy, 31 May 2014

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