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Ibisbill, BhutanHimalayan Monal, Bhutan
Kingfisher, Cola Beach, Goa, India, November 2017

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Date Update
15.12.18 Updated Seawatching hides page.
12.08.18 Updated Equipment page.
10.08.18 Updated House List ranking
24.06.18 Updated Broad-billed Sandpiper, Arctic Tern, Common Rosefinch, Woodcock, Wood Sandpiper, Yellow Wagtail, Brambling, Yellowhammer and  Goldeneye pages.
Added Little Gull page
15.03.18 Updated House List ranking and Øygarden Species list
14.03.18 Added Darjeeling and Sikkim and Darjeeling and Sikkim species list pages
Updated Purple Heron page
08.03.2018 Added Greater Sand Plover, Black Kite , Lesser Sand Plover, Red-wattled Lapwing, Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Birding Goa and Goa species list pages
Updated Kingfisher page
05.02.18 Added Bhutan Trip report and species list
04.02.18 Added Ibisbill , Alpine Accentor and Himalayan Monal pages
Updated Eurasian Wren page with nepalensis form
04.10.17 Updated Honey Buzzard, Marsh Harrier and Swallow pages.
Updated Common Whitethroat and Ruff pages.
Added TMPC 2017 page
12.09.17 Updated Lapland Longspur page
11.09.17 Updated House List Ranking, Snipe,   Ruff and Dunlin pages
22.08.17 Updated Raven, Gannet, TwiteWhinchat, Yellow Wagtail and Red-backed Shrike pages
10.08.17 Updated Arctic Skua, Great Skua, Grey Heron, Kittiwake, Fulmar and Offshore Platforms pages
05.08.17 Updated Birding Oslo, Snow Bunting, Dotterel , Bluethoat and Red-backed Shrike pages. Added Shorelark page.
03.07.17 Updated Birding tattoos page. Updated Gannet, Rock Pipit and Raven pages
29.06.17 Added Icterine Warbler page. Updated Birding EngerdalBroad-billed Sandpiper , Pinkfoot , Teal and Dunlin pages
18.05.17 Updated Birding Tattoos , Birding OsloCommon Tern and Stonechat pages
14.03.17 Updated Stonechat and Rock Pipit pages
13.03.17 Updated Mediterranean Gull , Stonechat and Sanderling pages
22.09.16 Updated Engerdal, White Wagtail, Reed Bunting and Hawk Owl pages
23.08.16 Updated Eurasian Curlew and Red Knot pages
15.08.2016 Updated Yellow Wagtail , Bluethroat and Sedge Warbler pages
Added Danish Sector May 2016 page
Updated Wheatear and Dotterel pages
Updated White-billed Diver, Great Northern Diver and Barnacle Goose pages
13.08.2016 Updated Common Tern , Hernar , Cormorant, Spotted Flycatcher , Swallow and Øygarden Animals pages
12.08.2016 Updated Long-tailed Duck, Golden Plover , Ruff and Common Redpoll pages.
Updated Engerdal , Siberian Jay and Pied Flycatcher pages
Added Willow Ptarmigan page
09.08.2016 Updated Birding Northumberland , Ptarmigan , Black-throated Diver and Common Redshank pages. Added Broad-billed Sandpiper page.
28.01.2016 Updated "Be like a birder" page
27.01.2016 Added "Be Like a birder" page, updated House list page.
27.12.2015 Updated Rock Pipit and Black Redstart pages. Added Rhine valley page
07.11.2015 Updated Eider duck, Goldcrest, Redwing and Southern Norwegian Sector pages
22.10,2015 Updated Birding Engerdal page
20.10.2015 Updated Greater Scaup and Waxwing pages.
15.10.2015 Updated Kestrel , Pied Flycatcher, Tree Pipit, Chiff-chaff, Willow Warbler, Redshank, intermediate phase Fulmar, White Wagtail, Song Thrush, Offshore Platforms and Northern Wheatear pages. Added North Sea Medley from spring 2014.
14.10.2015 Updated Ruff , Ringed Plover , Knot and Sanderling pages. Added Pilot Whale and Minke Whale pages.
13.10.2015 Updated Falsterbo , Red Kite, Brent Goose and Common Buzzard pages. Added Honey Buzzard page.
12.10.2015 Added Rose-coloured Starling and Pallid Harrier pages, updated House List Ranking and Øygarden species list pages
14.07.2015 Updated Dotterel and Gullfjell pages
06.07.2015| Added Roseate Tern page, updated Birding Northumberland page
05.05.2015 Updated Cuckoo , Lapwing , Dipper, Gullfjell , Common Gull, Yellowhammer, White Wagtail and Herdlevær pages. Added Ptarmigan page.
13.04,2015 Updated offshore survey, Offshore engineering and Offshore structures pages
03.04.2015 Updated Long-eared Owl and Oslo pages. Added Nikon Coolpix P600 page.
19.02.2015 Updated Birding Engerdal and Whooper Swan pages.
07.02.2015 Updated House List ranking, Bar-tailed Godwit, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Tree Pipit, Twite and Common Tern Pages
06.02.2015 Updated Pomarine SkuaØygarden Landscapes and views, Offshore platforms and structuresRed-breasted Merganser and Snow Bunting pages
28.01.2015 Added Radde's Warbler page, updated Reed Bunting and Wigeon pages
25.01.2015 Updated Grey-headed Woodpecker , Brambling, Chiff-chaff , Long-tailed Tit , Peregrine and Mute Swan pages
24.01.2015 Updated Offshore platforms page
12.01.2015 Updated Dusky Warbler and Yellow-browed Warbler pages
11.01.2015 Added (Not) Birding Laos page
08.01.2015 Updated House List ranking
29.12.2014 Added (Not) Birding Thailand and Thailand and Laos species list
27.10,2014 Added Hawk Owl page, updated birding Engerdal in Hedmark and Dipper pages
16.10.2014 Updated House List Ranking and Øygarden species list pages
11.10.2014 Updated Dotterel page. Added Marsh Tit page.
15.09.2014 Updated Black-throated Diver page
03.09.2014 Added Blyth's Reed Warbler page
31.08.2014 Added Little Stint page
28.08.2014 Added Red-backed Shrike page
23.08.2014 Updated Golden Plover, Dunlin and Pallas's Gull pages
12.08.2014 Updated Coot, Wood Sandpiper , Great Northern Diver and Red-throated Diver pages
11.08.2014 Added Red Kite page, updated Great-crested Grebe Page
10.08.2014 Updated Fieldfare and Magpie pages
09.08.2014 Updated Wood Sandpiper and Mallard pages
29.07.2014 Updated Peregrine and Northern Wheatear pages
28.07.2014 Added Birding Engerdal and Siberian Jay pages. Updated Yellow Wagtail, Short-eared Owl and Whinchat pages
13.06.2014 Updated Garden / House list ranking , Barnacle Goose and Grey-headed Woodpecker pages
08.04.2014 Updated Links page
06.04.2014 Updated Tjeldstø, Øygarden, House and Skogsøy species lists.
Updated Black Grouse , Hernar and Sparrowhawk pages
14.07.2013 Updated Bird Tattoos and Links pages
24.05.2013 Updated Long-eared Owl, Eastern Mediterranean and Øygarden species list
03.02.2013 Added Great Crested Grebe page
25.01.2013 Updated Links and Dipper pages
13.01.2013 Updated Øygarden Ships, Treecreeper and Parrot Crossbill pages
16.12.2012 Updated Blue tit and Sanderling pages
15.12.2012 Updated Woodcock, Water Rail and Jack Snipe pages
09.12.2012 Updated Ruddy Turnstone , Mistle Thrush and Sanderling pages.
08.12.2012 Updated Mediterranean Gull page
24.11.2012 Added Buff-bellied Pipit page. Updated Common Rosefinch , Øygarden Species List, Skogsøy Species List and Tjeldstø Species pages.
23.11.2012 Added Offshore Australia 2012, White-tailed Tropicbird, Rainbow LorikeetRed Wattlebird and Laughing Kookaburra pages
19.11.2012 Added Turkish Black Sea page. Updated Common Teal, Meadow Pipit, Grasshopper Warbler , Willow Warbler and Snow Bunting
16.11.2012 Updated Black-throated Diver, Coot , Glossy Ibis, Night Heron and Yellow-legged Gull pages. Added White Stork and Eurasian Hobby pages.
25.10.2012 Updated Birding tattoos page
13.08.2012 Added Russian Black Sea page. Updated Lapland Longspur page
18.07.2012 Updated Meditteranean Gull , Black-crowned Night Heron and Squacco Heron pages
17.07.2012 Updated Cormorant, Oystercatcher, Black Redstart and Siskin pages
16.07.2012 Added Lanzarote 2012 trip report. Added Mud wrestling birds series
13.07.2012 Added African Blue tit , Spectacled Warbler , Tree Pipit and Houbara Bustard pages. Updated Birding Lanzarote , Kestrel, Stone CurlewGrey Plover , Subalpine Warbler and Bluethroat pages.
28.04.2012 Updated Birding Rio page
27.04.2012 Updated Birding tattoos page
23.02.2012 Updated Tjeldstø species list (lots more added!) and Water Rail pages. Updated some species names on Birding Rio page.
22.02.2012 Added Birds of Rio de Janeiro page
21.02.2012 Updated Birding Mediterranean page
20.02.2012 Added Offshore trip in Danish and German Sectors
18.01.2012 Updated Purple SandpiperØygarden landscapes and Skogsøy pages
16.01.2012 Updated Bean Goose, Greater Whitefront, Iceland Gull and Whooper Swan and Little Auk pages
02.01.2012 Updated Øygarden Ships and Offshore platforms pages
28.12.2011 Added nocturnal photography page
27.12.2011 Updated Skogsøy Species List and Øygarden Species List
22.12.2011 Updated Blackbird and Black Redstart pages.
21.12.2011 Updated Goldcrest , Common Scoter and Blackcap pages
19.12.2011 Updated Redwing , Long-eared Owl and Meadow Pipit pages
Added Peregrine page
17.12.2011 Updated Starling and Skylark pages.
Added Short-eared Owl and Greater Scaup pages.
16.12.2011 Updated Woodpigeon , Whitefront , Water Rail and Woodcock pages
26.11.2011 Updated Northern Goshawk page.
Added Little Auk page.
18.11.2011 Added Barn Owl page
22.09.2011 Added Madeira birding page
21.09.2011 Updated Wilson's Storm Petrel page
19.09.2011 Added White-faced Storm-petrel page
15.09.2011 Added Zino's Petrel and Fea's Petrel pages
11.09.2011 Added Bulwer's Petrel page. Updated Cory's Shearwater
10.09.2011 Updated Sanderling, WhinchatDunlin , Common Tern and Golden Plover pages. Added Citrine Wagtail, Two-barred Crossbill and  Curlew Sandpiper pages.
10.07.2011 Updated Oil platforms and Geotechnical sampling pages. Added Straits of Gibraltar page.
09.07.2011 Updated Yellow-legged GullCattle Egret and Cory's / Scopoli's Shearwater pages. Added Marsh Harrier page.
08.07.2011 Updated Audoin's Gull and Bee-eater pages. Added Balearic Shearwater page
07.06.2011 Added Black Grouse page. Updated Greylag Goose and Meadow Pipit pages
06.06.2011 Updated Øygarden Ships, Øygarden Animals , Lapwing and Golden Plover pages
02.06.2011 Added Grasshopper Warbler page. Updated Fieldfare , Teal and Hernar pages
30.05.2011 Updated Øygarden Ships , Eurasian Siskin and Brent Goose pages
23.05.2011 Added Crag Martin page,Updated HernarØygarden species list and  Tjeldstø species list,
14.03.2011 Added Compact superzoom bird photography page
08.03.2011 Added Øygarden landscapes page
05.03.2011 Added Why bother with Bird Photography article.
Updated Equipment page
24.02.2011 Added Brunniche's Guillemot, Geotechnical Survey and Shtokman pages
Updated Blue Fulmar, Glaucous Gull and Pomarine Skua pages
23.02.2011 Added Arctic Redpoll page
Updated Blackcap, Snow Bunting, Song Thrush and Lapland Longspur pages
22.02.2011 Updated Brent Goose, Shoveler, Mute Swan, Knot and Sanderling pages
20.02.2011 Added Heuglin's Gull, Armenian Gull and  Pallas's Gull pages, updated Lesser Black-backed Gull and Birding Eastern Mediterranean pages
25.12.2010 Added Eurasian Siskin page, updated Seawatching Hides, Whooper Swan, Black-tailed Godwit Skylark Woodpigeon and Northern Wheatear pages
23.12.2010 Added Long-tailed Tit , Common Rosefinch and Mallard pages
22.12.2010 Updated Golden Plover , Lesser Black-backed Gull and Herring Gull pages. Added Northern Goshawk and Long-eared Owl pages
21.12.2010 Updated Cruise and offshore vessels page, Øygarden AnimalsBlack Guillemot, Black Redstart , Blue tit and Blackcap pages. Added Grey-headed Woodpecker side.
19.11.2010 Updated Yelkouan Shearwater page
15.11.2010 Added Waxwing page
12.11.2010 Added Tufted Duck and Treecreeper pages. Updated Turnstone , Twite and Spotted Flycatcher pages
06.11.2010 Updated Tjeldstø species list, Barnacle Goose. Common Snipe, Dunlin, Fieldfare, Greenshank, Kittiwake, Shag, Sparrowhawk and Black-throated Diver pages. Added Brambling
09.08.2010 Updated Spotted Redshank, Bar-tailed Godwit, Ruff, Common Snipe and Øygarden Animal pages
08.08.2010 Updated Eurasian Oystercatcher and Sedge Warbler pages
05.08.2010 Updated Goldcrest page. Added Lesser Whitethroat page.
04.08.2010 Updated Common Sandpiper page. Added Arctic Skua page
08.07.2010 Added Offshore Gabon page. Updated Hardangervidda, Wilson's Storm Petrel , Cattle Egret , Yellow Wagtail , Dunlin and Reed Bunting pages
22.06.2010 Added Black-eared Wheatear and Squacco Heron pages, updated Black-crowned Night Heron and Olivaceous Warbler pages
21.06.2010 Further updates to Birding Crete (links), added Sardinian Warbler and updated Serin and House List Ranking pages
15.06.2010 Updated Birding Crete page and uploaded trip report from Crete June 2010
24.03.2010 Added Mediterranean Gull and Subalpine Warbler pages
Updated Audoin's Gull page
23.03.2010 Added Skylark, Black Sea, Yelkouan Shearwater and Yellowhammer pages.
Updated Cormorant, Stonechat, Cetti's Warber, Corn Bunting, Kestrel and Black Redstart pages
23.02.2010 Added Black-throated Diver,Red-necked Grebe , Slavonian Grebe, Nuthatch and Starling pages. Updated Grey Heron, Cormorant , Woodcock, Purple Sandpiper, Robin, Blackbird, House Sparrow, Magpie, Moorehen and Wigeon pages
21.01.2010 Added Song Thrush page, updated Eurasian Robin and Eastern Mediterranean pages
05.01.2010 Updated Common Snipe page
04.01.2010 Updated Kingfisher and Stonechat pages. Added Black Redstart and offshore Israel / Eastern Mediterranean pages
16.11.2009 Updated Northern Wheatear and Shelduck pages
Added Wood Sandpiper page
15.11.2009 Updated Twite, Dunlin, GannetCormorant, Ringed Plover and Meadow Pipit pages
14.11.2009 Added Hernar page
Updated Spotted Flycatcher page
13.11.2009 Updated Birding Crete page (links & trip report)
Updated Little Grebe, Winter Wren, Rock Pipit, Eagle Owl and White-tailed Eagle, Øygarden, Herdlevær and Skogsøy pages.
Added Magpie, Gyrfalcon and Dusky Warbler pages
22.09.2009 Updated Øygarden page (including new timetable for boat to Hernar), updated Eagle Owl, Canada Goose and Bar-tailed Godwit pages
02.09.2009 Added Greenish warbler, Olivaceous Warbler, Ferruginous Duck and Sanderling pages. 
21.08.2009 Updated Cetti's Warbler,Barn Swallow, Yellow-legged Gull, Common Buzzard and Little Plover pages
28.07.2009 Updated Little Grebe and Purple Heron pages
27.07.2009 Added Birding Crete page
10.07.2009 Added "Desparate Crossbills" and Long-tailed Skua pages. Updated Northern Norwegian sector page
23.06.2009 Updated Hardangervidda, Dotterel, Bluethroat and Willow Warbler pages.
14.06.2009 Updated Ormen Lange, Dunlin and Ringed Plover pages
24.05.2009 Updated Øygarden animals page, added Common Scoter page
20.05.2009 Added Pinkfoot and Whitefront pages and updated Tjeldstø species list
19.05.2009 Added Twite page
18.05.2009 Updated bird tattoo page
02.05.2009 Added Purple Sandpiper and Woodpigeon pages. Updated Mistle Thrush and U.K. pages.
31.03.2009 Updated Links page
30.03.2009 Updated Tjeldstø page and added Eurasian Curlew
26.03.2009 Updated Eider, Pochard , Spotted Flycatcher and Fieldfare pages. Major updates to  Skogsøy and Øygarden pages.
24.03.2009 Added Eagle Owl and offshore Common Blackbird pages. Added pictures of Sleipner B and Troll A to platforms page
12.02.2009 Added Glaucous Gull and Eurasian Woodcock pages
26.11.2008 Updated Books page
13.11.2008 Updated Parrot Crossbill and Common Crossbill pages
08.11.2008 Added Chiff-chaff page, updated book page. Added shark caught by ROV picture to offshore survey page
09.10.2008 Added Jack Snipe page
02.10.2008 Updated Northern Wheatear page
01.10.2008 Updated birding tattoos and Lapland Longspur pages
21.09.2008 Added Herring Gull and Ruff pages, updated Spotted Redshank
Updated Tjeldstø species list
11.09.2008 Updated Great Black-backed Gull and Kittiwake pages
10.09.2008 Updated Common Guillemot page
08.09.2008 Added Black Guillemot page, updated equipment and Øygarden pages
02.08.2008 Updated Lesser Redpoll page
09.07.2008 Updated route survey and birding the North Atlantic pages
07.07.2008 Updated Willow Warbler, Crested tit, Coal tit and Winter wren pages
01.07.2008 Added Iceland Page.
Updated Arctic Tern, Black-tailed Godwit and Whooper Swan pages
28.06.2008 Updated Birding the North Atlantic page
04.06.2008 Added Pomarine SkuaBirding the North Atlantic and route survey pages. Updated Fulmar, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Gannet and Kittiwake pages.
03.06.2008 Added Great Skua and Red-footed Falcon pages. Updated Ringed Plover, Golden Plover and Blue Fulmar pages
08.05.2008 Updated Dotterel page
07.05.2008 Added Willow Warbler page. Updated Skogsøy species list.
06.05.2008 Updated Skogsøy  2008, Øygarden ships, StonechatRedwing and Øygarden Animals pages. 
16.04.2008 Added Brown Pelican page to gallery
Added Gulf States crewchange medley page
15.04.2008 Added Double-crested Cormorant , Northern Mockingbird and Northern Rough-winged Swallow pages
03.04.2008 Added Pied Wagtail page
01.04.2008 Updated GannetRaven and Rock Pipit pages.
Added Skogsøy 2008 seawatching results
Added Digiscoping v DSLR photography page
24.03.2008 Updated White-tailed Eagle page and added Herring fishery page
11.03.2008 Updated Grey Heron page
07.03.2008 Added Goldeneye Page
24.02.2008 Updated Whooper Swan page
23.02.2008 Updated Øygarden animals and Willow Tit pages. Added Red-breated Merganser page.
20.02.2008 Updated Iceland Gull page
23.01.2008 Updated Server spill page and added Red-throated Diver page
08.01.2008 Updates to Øygarden  page
04.01.2008 Updated White-tailed Eagle page, added Long-tailed Duck page

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