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Red Knot - Polarsnipe - Calidris canutus

Large numbers of Red Knot seem to occur at Stag Rocks in the same years as Grey Plover, perhaps indicating that these species share the same influences and that Stag Rocks is used as an "overflow" area during good years. The majority of Red Knot that use the UK on passage and in winter breed in northern Greenalnd and north-eastern Canada.

Although overwintering is sporadic there is a very regular autumn passage ranging from 10 to 50 individuals from late July through August.

The record count during the period I counted waders there is 552 individuals, 06 October 1985.

Knot numbers at Stag Rocks 1985 -1990

Red Knot
Winter plumaged Red Knot, Lanzarote, November 2007

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