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Tjeldstø - Pictures

Main road and cycle path, December 2005
Main road and cycle path, December

Tjeldstø, July. Tjeldstø, May. Looking east over Hjeltefjord
Husvatnet, Tjeldstø Remains of peat drying "hut"
Husvatnet, Tjeldstø, October.  Remains of peat drying "hut", Rotevatnet in the background
View near Tjeldstø quay "Queen Mary" sailing up Hjeltefjord
Shoreline near Tjeldstø quay Queen Elizabeth II sailing up Hjeltefjord

View of the marshes east of Rotevatnet

Tjeldstømarka nature reserve
Aerial View of Tjeldstø (most of the area east of the main road is nature reserve). Picture taken from Google Earth

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