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Manx Shearwater - Havlire - Puffinus puffinus
Mindre Lira  - Almindelig Skråpe - Pikkuliitäjä - Puffin des anglais

Manx Shearwater is a regular visitor in small numbers, especially in July. It thus occurs somewhat earlier than Sooty Shearwater. I have recorded this species on the majority of visits during the first half of July - a time when Skogsøy is very infrequently visited. Strong onshore winds at this time of year are not required to bring this species within range - Manx are recorded just as often during other wind directions. Later in the season, and for larger numbers, a brisk westerly will be sure to increase the chances of connecting with this species.

The blue line shows number of visits, the orange one the number of visits when Manx have been recorded and the green one shows the total involved.

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Manx Shearwater occurrence at Skogsøy

Maximum: 33 (July 2021)

Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022

Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
A flock like this would be nice to see at Sogsøy sometime! The biggest flock I have seen at Skogøsy is around 10 birds!


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